Ellington Music School

The Ellington Music School is a piano school for students of all ages that is focused on the encouragement of a love of piano and music. From students ranging from three to 60 years old, Ellington Music School follows five core principles:

1. Developing character and self-esteem

2. Perseverance

3. Discipline

4. Finding a balance between consistent practice and fun

5. Above all, encouraging a love of music.

Biannual in-person recitals allow students to demonstrate their skills practiced throughout the year with piano pieces appropriate for each student's level.

Private lessons are specifically curated for each student based on age and skill level and are taught by Ellington Carthan, who lives to share his love of piano, specifically jazz piano, with his students. As a private piano teacher for nearly ten years, and as a current piano teacher at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, Ellington is an experienced teacher who knows what works best for each student.

As a student of Ellington, you will receive:

1. A dedicated YouTube Channel with videos made by Ellington that can be used as a reference on any lessons given on any topic in a way that all students and parents/guardians can understand. Please like and subscribe!

2. A minimum of two (2) in-person recitals per year gives increased opportunities for students to perform and share their musical accomplishments.

3. A clear and concise service agreement that serves as accountability for Ellington, the student, and the parent/guardian. This will outline all billing concerns, cancellation policies, scheduling concerns, practicing schedules, etc.

4. Invoices through QuickBooks for bookkeeping purposes on behalf of Ellington and parents/guardians.

5. Invitations to at least two (2) of Ellington's performances annually.

6. Compliance with COVID safety regulations during virtual lessons.

If you are serious about starting the challenging and wonderful journey of learning piano, please contact ellingtonmusicschool@gmail.com.